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>> hang on. first in a series of storms line the up in the pacific is getting ready to come ashore and slam the bay area. san jose city crew cleared storm drains to prevent rain water prosecute backing up into the street. several bay area cities are making sand bag available to people for free training to prevent flooding in their neighborhood. storm strong winds prompted this christmas tree lot in san francisco to tie down the tree so they don't get blown away. coast guard warning about potentially dangerous waves at local beaches and says boaters should avoid sailing during the storm even though tempting because the winds are up and make sure the boat is properly tied up or anchored as the storm approaches. good evenin evening. could be pretty rough. receipts get the very latest on it now from sandhya who is tracking the storm on live doppler 7 hd. >> it is going to be a rough
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morning for wind and rain. heaviest will arrive for the morning commute. show you the timing in a moment. live doppler showing you just clouds that are moving in. we have our own raid a arrest on mt. st. helens that. tracking the first storm. show you computer animation. 2 to 3:00 a.m. we start to get the line of rain moving in to the north bay. the wind begins to pick up out of the south. it will get gusty at times. 5:00 a.m. when some of your commuting will start to see the stormy weather really starting to approach the coast. it gets stormy across most of the bay year at 8:00 a.m. and it really continues all the way until 10:00 a.m. as the front approaches. could see some thunderstorms behind the system we will see scattered showers heading into wednesday afternoon. we did have high wind warnings going up tomorrow at 4 a.m. running until 11:00 a.m. for the coastal areas. south wind gusting up to 75 miles an hour. wind advisory for the rest of the bay area and gale warnings for the coast and the san francisco bay. i'll be back with detailed look
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at the other 2 storms that are coming if just a few minutes. >> a santa clara valley water district use network of web cam to monitor critical creek and rivers around the county. manager and public can see where storm drains get clogged and alert crew so that they can clear the debris and prevent any flooding. >> this is the live picture of the pay bridge and extra precaution being taken to make sure the heavy equipment working on the new span does not topple in the windy storm coming our way. of heather tonight with the story you will is he only on abc 7 news. >> tidal water already a problem at the easten of the bridge with possible deluge expected tonight cal-trans contractor are getting ready. >> we are expecting pretty heavy written over the next 5 days. so we don't want weather to impact the construction schedule so we did as much as we can during the dry weather so when the rain comes we are ready and work can go on according to plan.
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>>reporter: even in dry weather hoses pump tidal water off excavation site one section at a time for concrete pour engineers worried rain and bay world trade center could undermine this cement wall so today more hoses and special self starting pump were brought in. cal-trans wants to keep the construction site and materials in good shape but it's also worried about controlling polluted run offs. >> we have storm water pollution prevention plan f.basically it maps out exactly we are planning to deal with heavy rainfall whenever it comes. >>reporter: special felt lick fabric lines the drains to catch sediment and let water pass through. those were tested and replaced if necessary. on the suspension span high winds are threat to workers who have to come down and out of heavy equipment when wind speeds reach above 20 miles per hour. rain also a thaet. water is the corrosive enemy of the critical single
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main cable. much already wrapped in layers of zinc paste and interlocking wire. rest now wrapped in plastic. this bridge is built to last a little wind and rain shouldn't ab problem. >> bridge is designed to withstand the biggest earthquake that will happen in a 1500 year period. it has 150 year design life so this bridge is expected to last 150 years. >>reporter: then just a little retrofitting should bring it up to ked for the year 2163. the new bay bridge is on schedule to open labor day weekend next year, 2 79 days and counting. on treasure island, abc 7 news. california emergency management agency says this storm is a good reason to make sure that we are all ready for the rainy season or any natural hazard that may come our wait a minute all encouraged to have emergency kits stocked with items including battery operated radio and flash light
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lights. extra batteries. 3 day supply of food and water for everyone in the family. and manual can opener. the guidelines for stocking emergency kit and developing an emergency plan for your family post on our web site under see it on tv. of course we will continue to track this storm all night and well that the next several days but for the moment let's move on to other news. school bus driver in san jose being called a hero with good reason. after she rescued a special needs girl from a burning bus. you will see what happened to the bus. corrina has the story from the franklin mckinley school district this is a school bus designed to carry special needs children and it has literally been gutted by flames. i want you to take a look at the video we have and see for yourself. you will understand why the bus driver is being called a hero tonight. we also have a photo taken just after the bus caught fire. now bus driver wilma cost had just dropped off 3
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children at silver dale middle school in san jose and about to take off with the last passenger on board when she noticed smoke coming from the engine. she tryed to use the wheelchair lift to get the special needs stunt off of the bus but the emergency had shut down the power. and that is when wilma courage and dedication kicked into action. >> wl our bus driver wilma careful lil picked the child up and carried her to her bedroom away from the fire and then went back to the bus and tried to keep everybody away from the bus so nobody would get near it so she really did her job toda today. >>reporter: did her job and then some. she's apparently also shy about her heroic but the franklin mckinley school district understandably proud of their dedicated bus driver. san jose firefighters also deserve a really big hand tonight because they got that heavy motor wheel cheer off of the bus. they managed to save it from the same fate that the
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bus suffered and so that is being cleaned up. it will be returned to the family and very scary situation but happy ending tonight. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> gunman is still on the loose after trading shots with a milpitas police officer overnight. happened during a traffic stop on jack lynn road near parkway in milpitas. police say the man got out of his car and started shooting. officer was not hit. did manage to return fire. did he suffer minor injuries from the shattered windshield on his patrol car. shooter escaped and the car he was driving was found nearby. and oakland good samaritan being credited with some very quick thinking but also police warned he may have put himsf and wife in real danger. has to do with video he took. police say on the one hand the video is very helpful to them. on the other it put the couple in very precarious position. for tonight from laura anthony. >>reporter: this cell phone video shows oakland couple
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coming face-to-face with a gun wielding suspect. none too happy he's being recorded. incident started at 4:00 p.m. monday. when the couple was driving on hyde street near foothill. they saw a nissan ultima with two men inside driving erratically crossing over to the wrong side of the street. at one point the suspect pull up to the couple pull out a gun and demand they hand over the phone. couple was able to speed away but only for a short distance. >> when they reached the 4700 block of foothill l and they pulled over and stopped unbee known as to them one of the suspect opened the back door of the car and got in the car at gun point he demanded that cell phone containing that video. the husband was able to tl push him out of the car and directed his wife to hit the gas and get out of there. >>reporter: the couple got away but not before the suspect fired several shots hitting their car. victim then shared their video with police who
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recognized one suspect and nissan which they tracked down 2 hours later on the 1200 block of seminary. there the two suspects were arrested. they had been identified as 21-year-old james cross by and his 39-year-old brother-in-law michael meadows. >> we live when electronic did he advises can capture and further investigation but at the same time we don't want to see anyone injured or killed because of so it we need to use a fine balance. >>reporter: cross which believed to be the one who waved the gun at the couple and later fired shots at them. both men expected to be charged with assault with deadly weapon and attempted robbery. in oakland, abc 7 news. of governor brown is criticize ago pay raise for the new chancellor at uc berkeley. governor says the 50,000 dollar increase does not fit with the spirit of leader shp that is needed rate now. incoming chancellor is nicholas dirk. he was the executive vice
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president at columbia university in new york and dirk says he's well aware of the challenges that lie ahead. >> substantial investment on the part of the state in higher education and the kinds of things that the university all campus ins the system have had to do to struggle to make up for this diminishment of state funding. >>reporter: dirk salary is 48 486,000. that is less than the 500,000 he earned at columbia. private donor will fund the 50,000 dollar pay raise by wait. >> well uses ahead here. going to war offer the military rules on women in combat. >> gap between policy and reality is bad for the armed forces. bad for our service members. needs to be changed. >>reporter: next. new legal challenge against the military combat exclusion policy and why some say change it would be a big mistake. plus. >> tell me when issued put her to sleep so she won't suffer in the apocalypse.
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>>reporter: answering e-mail on the apocalypse. later tonight. job that is not for the faint of heart at nasa 8. stunning order from a jump. big tobacco must apologies to big tobacco must apologies to theada
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is. >> 4 service women are suing the defense department saying the ban on women serving in combat is unconstitutional. aclu filed the suit today in federal court in san francisco. the suit claims that women are in fact engageing in combat but that the government turns a blind eye to that. lp more tonight from 7 news reporter vick lee. >> ground combat fire for 20 minutes from the enemy. >>reporter: major mary jennings is a combat search and rescue pilot in the army national guard. she received a purple heart for injuries sustained when the chopper was hit by ground fire. >> i received shrapnel wound through my face and arms and burn on my back. >>reporter: staff sergeant jennifer hunt has been an army reservist for a decade. she received injuries in iraq when the humvee hit by aneurysm ed. all 4 service women who filed suit had combat experience despite the defense department policy. all tours in iraq and
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afghanistan. they say in modern war fare the front-line is everywhere. >> every time a william or any service member sets foot into iraq or afghanistan they are the serving in a combat zone. >>reporter: suit says the military is not dealing with reality. >> because of the policy though women are often not officially part of the all male unit they are going on missions with. exclusion policy is one of the last vestige of federal government policy that presumes that women are less capable than men. just because they are women. >>reporter: women make up 14 percent of active military personnel. 280 thousands of them served in iraq and afghanistan. plaintiff say the man puts them at disvng for promotions and recognition. >> policy has the effect of closing whole career fields to service women. and closing hundreds of thus of positions to them. >>reporter: earlier this year the defense department opened about 14,000 plus positions to
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women. that had previously been limited to men. regulation that banned women from living with combat union also lifted but not the ban on serving in combat. 2 older veteran perspective. >> men and women are equal so they should be equal in all forms in all areas. >> i wouldn't want to see. >> i'm not the best person in the world but went weren't to see them dying. the that's the truth of it all. >>reporter: pentagon press secretary little says the defense department is making straidz into allowing more women that combat. didn't specifically comment on the lawsuit that said secretary of panetta position on women in combat is quote very strong. abc 7 news. one more note on all of this. number of country that have opened front line combat position to women is larger than you mit think actual hi. survey by the british ministry
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of defense listed canada, denmark, finland france germany israel the netherlands norway positive lapped romaine why and sweetden country allow women in close combat roles. australia joined the list in september of last year when it opened the front-line quantity to women including largest contingent in afghanistan. >> all right let's mav on. return to where we started with at the to the of the broadcast. you have got a lot to do with the weather center looks prett pretty. >>th disaster for the morning. most people commuting in the morning between 5 and 10:00 a.m. is the worst of the wind and written will hit. fast mover so show you live picture from our roof cam are. lovely view of the full moon and we do have clouds starting to move in but the rain still far behind. it will arrive as i mention in the morning. is you will see from that perspective that we
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have the clouds coming in on definitely levels own radar on mt. st. helens that. first tracking in a series of storms expected to arrive tomorrow morning and will slam us first thing in the morning. temperatures writ now in the 40's and the 50's. here are the highlights. we are looking at stormy set up for the morning commute. rain shifts to the north on thursday and more wet windy weather follows beyond thursday. really right on through the weekend. looshing at the stornl. storm no. 1 will bring us burst of wind rain wednesday mark slow mover. this will have will have spread between thursday and friday. the third system arrives here saturday afternoon now with wide spread wind and rain heading into sunday so i have updated the accu-weather 7 day forecast show that to you in a moment. rainfall will look like this. 2 or 3:00 o'clock in the morning the rain and wind arrived but the worst as i mention will be around 5:00 a.m. then watch the
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window. it continues right on through. 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning then the front goes through behind the city. we see scattered showers continuing for the evening commute and heading into the early morning hours on thursda thursday. our second system will be focused in the north bay initially by 5:00 p.m. the rain is still in the north bay mainly. thursday evening. then the rain will art to move slowly going that friday we'll see downpour of the company that across the rest of the bay area latter part of friday morning. when all said and done rainfall wednesday through sunday. now changed over 10 inches in far northern california. 8 inches for the wettest north bay locations and then 6 inches across the heart of the north bay. you can see most of the rest of the bay area lacking at half a foot of rain. you can get there will be possible problems haet heading into the weekend.
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flood watches going up for lake county car kin east strait and delta. north san juan of flooding of grex and scene 10:00 a.m. wednesday running until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night. >> know levels l you ka come bain witness the chain and chain control personal possible. make sure you give yourself extra time for the morning commute. rain gear is with you. upper 40's to the mid 50's. strong winds and rain arriving and starts to taper into the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow afternoon upper 50's through the mid 70's. you look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast thunder mayly tomorrow morning. rain shift to the norton tuesday but spreads across the bay area heading into thursday night. 40. more heavy rain saturday afternoon with wind going into the first half of sunday. now looks like this second half of
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your sunday going into monday will be dry and by then we will if be there. >> third storm with more rain is a problem. >> yes. tracking it all the time. track the storm throughout the morning and seem of reporters tan out live coverage begins at 4:30 this morning with morning news plus live update all day long suspended stay here with us we'll be on top of the weather for us. continue tonight say is silicon valley dirty little is silicon valley dirty little seeker and shaveduz
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>> young entrepreneur of course in silicon valley, they have a
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problem with age discriminatio discrimination. a 60-year-old professional after period of unemployment shaved his head under good eyelid procedure and wear t-shirts and converse sneakers instead of loafer and tie. this is the before look. ready. here's the after look. it was this look that got adams hired almost medley as ceo at service that sets up mobile conference calls. tech if ji recawter told him that executives asked him for employee around age 26 or so. while their legitimate reasons to hire somebody young making it requirement is illegal. aim by as is hard to proof but common basis for lawsuits. in 2010 consider it made up 20 percent of the claims filed with california department of fair employment and housing. that puts age below retaliation as discrimination claim but above racial discrimination sexual harassment and sexual orientation. nation weighed aim bias cite entered 26 percent of complaints with
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equal employment opportunity commission. speaking of mriment. there ace mainly shake up today at apple. bloomberg is reporting that apple fired manager responsible for its one of its rare spectacular misfire t.math on the latest operating system that repoliceed popular google maps. hopefully trust in apple will happen. the mp app were unreliable and didn't include public transportation and he's preparing new app map to correct the m is tape. on the subject of jobs. up next. you meat the nasa scientist who talks about the end of the world and prophecy on the mine calendar. marijuana and children how young to use 2 pot every difficult as treatment? >> also question over deadly atact in benghazi. un ambassador rice walk nasa the
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lyon den would don't like what she has to say. >> environmentalist say president obama failed the first test on climate look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems.
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jeans. >> in egypt the birth place of the arab spring, once again egyptian protest trying to hold on to democracy. people there angry over president morsi power grab. alex was on the scene today in cairo. >>reporter: birth place of egypt revolution. today once again rippinging with calls to the did you know fall of a dictator. this time it's for
9:32 pm
this man. president mohammad morsi whom america rae lies on to be a regional peace broker but last week he granted himself unchecked power. him if leaving to bloody clashes. the crowd is planting leave. these are the seam chant 2 years ago during the refuse lugs except that they have substituted mubarak for morsi. the egyptian topple president mubarak. dictator who ruled for 3 decade. they then held a historic election. voted in the new president. now fichlt he's like a super power. >>reporter: the office says the move is just temporary. side lined remnant of the era app put he script on the right track. it's far from within who will win the show did you know but certainly more bloody days ahead on egypt bumpy road to democracy. this is cairo. >> president obama today signed
9:33 pm
a law that requires u.s. airline to be secluded from fe fees for european carbon emission. air leaps fought the program saying it with add billions to airfare over the next decade or so. officials estimate it could add 30 dollars to each round trip ticket to europe. environmentmentist traimd the bill as first test on climate at change. not happy with him. >> extraordinary pun i objectment for the big cigarette companies. federal judge said they lied and they now have to take out ads and admit it publicly. the judge says they have to say they quote deliberately deceived the american public about the dangers of cigarettes and they designed them to be addictive. the company have been battling these court rulings since 1999. they are expected to appeal yet again. >> now to rivetting show did you know on capitol hi. centers on the attack in benghazi libya take became such a part of the presidential campaign. bay area native ambassador chris stevens was
9:34 pm
killed in that attack along with 3 other americans. today one of the strongest power hi hitters on the obama team marched into the lyon deny to take on the create he can about the attack. susan rice the un ambassador and could become secretary of state if hero points can't stop her. here's jonathan karl. >> test of diplomatic skill susan rice on capitol hill meeting with republican determined to stop her from becoming secretary of state. rice herself asked for the meeting with effort to smooth things over didn't exactly wor work. senator demanded answers on why is he tied the the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya to anti-muslim video. they didn't like what they heard. >> concerns i have are gritter today than they were before. we are not even close to getting the basic answer also. >> it's clear the information that she gave the american people was in correct. >>reporter: president hasn't yet decided who he will nominate to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state but rice is the leading
9:35 pm
candidate. >> if i think that she would be the best person to serve america in the capacity of the state department then i will nominate her. >>reporter: hyped closed doors she annual some of what she said about the libya attack was wrong but that the information came directly from the cia. same true of condoleeza rice who passed on incorrect cia information on wmd in iraq but was confirmed as secretary of state. susan rice is closer to the president than anybody in his cabinet and has been over achiever for most of her life. high school valedictorian basketball star rhodes scholar rising star in the clinton administration but also has reputation for blunt talk. >> by all accounts she is talented. capable. the and extremely brisk. >>reporter: she ridiculed hillary clinton foreign policy experience and called john mccain reckless and confused. >> if the president does
9:36 pm
nominate her those who know her well say she's more than up for the fight. although it would be a bruising confirmation battle she almost certainly would have the votes to be confirmed. this is abc news washington. >>reporter: oregon mother is drawing national attention for giving her 7-year-old daughter medicine marijuana t.she was diagnosed with law chemoia in july. after rupd of chemo doctors said she might need a bone marrow transplant. mother decided to give her about half gram of cannabis oil a day. she believes that is what led to her remission. doctors caution marijuana is not a cure for cancer nor is it safe to give to children. but minor canen row l in oregon medical marijuana program if the child parent or legal guardian an is consenting. >> new warning today for people who eat pork chop. consumer report provided this video of test on nearly 200 pork sample and get this. lab test show 69 percent of them were contaminated with bacteria that
9:37 pm
sicken about 100,000 people each year. health experts say you can avoid the problem by properly cooking pork and of course remember washing your hand always after touching raw meat. >> new research shows parts of the bay area have higher rates of breast cancer than others. the study comes from the california breast cancer mapping project. it finds the western half of contra costa county northern alameda county and parts of santa clara san mateo county have breast cancer rates 10 to 20 percent higher than the state average. study didn't identify the reasons why. but experts say one possible explanation is association economic. women in some of the areas are more lak lakely to be diagnosed earlier and have more likely to have access to private insurance better health care. >> all right moving on. coming up on december 21. the date some said mooip predict the world would end 3 week away but in the mean time jonathan bloom talked with nasa scientist who
9:38 pm
has been antsing countless letters about the rumors over the end of the world. if david morrison has a big job. >> i volunteered 10 years ago to answer the question the public sends if. >>reporter: some of the most pivotal scientific question of our time. >> these are questions about strap my and planet and life in the yawn versus and that went along fine until about 4 years ago when suddenly i started getting these question about his the end of the world. >>reporter: dooms day. some say the april khent calendar predict the end of did day on december 21 on 2012 and the inbox is overflowing. >> one touching letter was my best friend is my little dog. please tell me when issued put her to sleep so she won't suffer in the apocalypse. >>reporter: what is your emotional reaction to those sorts of let rs. >> item disturbed by letters from kids who are afraid. i think that is the worst part of
9:39 pm
this hoax. it is a hoax. >>reporter: a hoax with tens of millions of view on you tub tube. one predict planet crashing into the earth. >> if there were such an object it would be the brightest they think in the sky. after the sun and moon. anybody could site. >>reporter: he posted his own you tube video. planet x doesn't exist and does not threaten the earth but letters keep coming. >> i have received letters from young people who say they are contemplating suicide. i have received few from mother whose say they are planning to kill their children and themselves. >>reporter: he answers all of them but takes a toll when he wakes up on december 22 morrison says he will hand of the job of answering questions to somebody else. >> i have become sort of obsessed with dooms day 2012 and i'm glad to drop it. >>reporter: more i so that is a scientist not historian but done some reading and says the same ones who created the calendar professor sizes some events to happen 3 to 500 creditors from now. even they didn't think the world was
9:40 pm
coming to an end t.thinks abc 7 news. >> well still ahead tonight. oakland a's really step up to the plate. generous decision despite having one of the smallest payroll in the league. that story. >> plus stunning video from australia. crane catches fire and collapses. you will get the whole stir. >> also next at 9:00. mother weigh ins on the cops who ordered her son to do push ups for vandalizing a mailbox. does she con
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this holiday get verizon's share everything plan. unlimited talk, text and shareable data... ... across your family's devices, all in one plan. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99. >> we were over uc berkeley when occupy protestors took over a vacant building eschelon hall and hung protest banner out of window. it's scheduled to be demolished soon as part of the lower plaza renovation.
9:44 pm
the protestors are still out there but apparently winding down. protestors say they are occupying the building to protest the under representation of my north at the school. follow-up to story we brought you last nature. mother in rhode island coming to the defense of 4 police officers who ordered her son to do push ups after being caught in an act of vandalism. young man was one of 5 teenagers ordered to drop and do some push ups after they were seen smashing a mailbox. city officials protested and the police chief ordered an investigation saying the officers over stepped their authority. officers face suspension. but the mother says the officers taught her son a lesson. she doesn't think they should be sues pen from their jobs. >> 2013 tour of california bike race ating new twist for its eighth edition. riders head south to north for the first time when it runs next may. 750 mile 8 stop tour begin in escondido then head up the
9:45 pm
coast through santa barbara. san jose will host stage 6. marking the eighth consecutive year the race has visited that city. stage 7 goes from livermore over mount diablo. final stage of the 2013 tour of california runs from san francisco to santa rosa. we have details on the route of our web site under see it on tv and again the race is in may. well raider nation listen up. we want to see your team pride and share it. e-mail the fan photo to this site. we post the photo at our web said and then show them on the air during raider day on abc 7. that is december 6. next week when we will broader cast rai raiders broncos game live from the coliseum at 5:00 p.m. hope you can tune in then. >> cleared for take off and landing. frustration of not being able to watch an in-flight film to the very end could become a thing of the past. at least on one airline.
9:46 pm
stay with us. 7 news at 9 continues here i [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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st. >> really scary scene high over sidney australia after construction crane caught fire. now it forced police to evacuate thousands of people from nearby buildings of cours course. good thing they d.crane massive arm watch this eventually collapsed on to the roof down it goes. nobody was hurt. by the way the company that own this is crane also ow owns the one that collapsed in new york during hurricane sand sandy. remember that image? same company. okay. a little news about traveling. you know the irritating moment when the film you are watching on the airplane at critical point and flight attendant tells to you turn off the set because you are come in to land. no more. starting on saturday passengers
9:50 pm
on british airway can watch the movie without the cabin crew ordering cut. nor do they have to wait half hour before using the in-flight entertainment system. they can fire it up as soon as they get on the plane. it doesn't interfere with the running of the aircraft and if necessary the pilot can still interrupt for safety announcements. this only applies to movies on the seat back not to your i-pad or other tablet. you still have to turn those off when they tell you to do so. >> that and the peanut and all good. >> let's get last check on the weather. storms moving in really start to materialize in the morning sandhya tracking them for us. >>reporter: yes. morning commute especially during the 5 to 10 amp hours does not look good. that's when the nastiest part of the storm will arrive. live doppler is tracking it for you and right now just cloud. high wind warning in effect tomorrow morning at 4 a.m. runs until 11:00 a.m. covers the coastal area. south wind gusting 55 to 65 miles an hour. could see local gust up to 75 miles an hour. win advisory
9:51 pm
for the rest of the bay area down to monterey bay. we are certainly lacking at down tree branches possible power outage gale warnings for san francisco bay and the coastal waters. doesn't end there. we have 2 more storms following as you look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast more wet windy weather in the forecast. thursday friday saturday afternoon heading into sunday is the third in the series and that's when we may lacking at some problems l as the ground gets saturated in the bay area. >> thanks very much. >> all right. larry its off and mike with all the sports today and another installment of as the niners turn. >> i said last night i'll take starting quarterback for 500. i don't think we have ever had to deal with quarterback dilemma like the 49 remembers dealing with late this season. hopefully over tomorrow as head coach harbaugh told us. monday he would make the announcement he would make the announcement midweekada
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. storm watch update of course. how it affected crab fishermen hours before the whipped and
9:55 pm
the rain even arrived. >> vampire facelift. new trend in cosmetic surgery. yes why you may however weren't to overlook the gruesome name for alternative to botox. stories more come up at 11:00. vampire facelift. >> quarterback do you play? up for grab. the team is trying to keep themselves in the news it's working. harbaugh said yesterday he'll make a decision on wednesday. i say all week he's old school you don't lose the job due to injury like alec. loyal and will naibing him as starter this week against the ram he brought him off the scrap heap groomed him to be a whipping quarterback. few play from the superbowl last season but he's due money next season and if collin is quarterback of the future now might be the time to make a switch. now i have seen situation like this divide a locker room. collin the starter the entire team except
9:56 pm
alec is behind the decision. there could be grumbling from the rest of the team. he was pulled away and he doesn't think the coach decision will divide the team. >> we have a lot of character in the locker room. ups the nature of the business. understand that it's not up to us to make all the decisions. we have to good out there and execute. whatever quarterback goes with we'll deal witness. we have 2 good caliber quarterbacks. he wants to stay in there and play i know alec wants to play. only one football. the so i really don't know. by know that both guys will be ready. >>reporter: good problem to have as head coach both quarterback prepared to deal with the decision. this is a business and it will be one of coach tough calls up to this point. told you yesterday running back was injured and saints game aurnd and turns out tear in the left heel tendon out remainder of the season out
9:57 pm
with kyle williams. may open the door for james who has yet to get if the gap. get playing time along with jacobs. linebacker bauman and 49ers reach agreement on 5 year extension today through the 2018 season. forget this. grave.two million dollars with 25 million of that guaranteed t.willis may feared linebacker in the nfl. 24-year-old has 100 tackle. 2 sack. 1 interception this season. all right we mention yesterday that your san jose state rank in the bcs fears time in school history at number 25. more good news as a result of the season tackle finalist in the trophy here. award given annually to most outstanding player that began the career as non-scholarship walk on. 50 place nominated. down to the final 3. david michigan safety and penn state quarterback
9:58 pm
t.award announced saturday in arkansas. >> well if you haven't been paying attention war yrs in first place. say thaten good. warriors are in first place. really get to say it. tied with the clippers at 8 and 6. but we haven't been able to say it in awhile. doing it without their prized big manment started after missing with a bumped left afternoon el. he came over from milwaukee in a trade for ellis. rehab slow process. wasn't full speed to start the season and tried to play through it. missed last 9 game back in rehab. spending time in l.a. with specialist. hopes to be back december 1st and realize he would try to come back too soon. >> no i know if it's not good to play too early. team is playing well at the moment. playing good basketball. obviously could help out a little bit but when i'm ready to go out there and contribute and play at high level i will go back out there. >> college hoops. coach
9:59 pm
brotheren will you of harbaugh rank number one in the nation here's y.zeller dunking 2 of the 20. victor had 19. the pulling away late first half here. up 32 with over 4 minutes left. wing 3. hammer carolina a 83-59. players decided to donate one full play off to 8 local national charitable he effort. 34325. hurricane sandy relief effort, community fund big brothers and sisters of the bay year few charity that will benefit from this donation and great gesture from the oakland a's. >> they are good. such a grit team. >> thanks very much. >> that is this edition of 7 news. for mike and larry and sandhya i'm dan thanks for watching. appreciate your time our next newscast is on abc 7 at 11:00 o'clock. watch us on

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